Facebook buys oculus vr for 2

I thought Kickstarter would help projects like these become a reality again but if the big Cooperations are just going to buy off every good idea then what's the point. And, truth told, I really have nothing against Facebook as a company.

Despite the acquisition, nothing changes for Oculus at the moment. As more people access programming a la carte via apps, live news broadcasts could become increasingly invisible. Check out the headset in action. Scaling video on a shoestring … Not all publishers have the time and resources to invest in teams or expensive equipment, so expect to see a host of inventive ways to keep costs down in while keeping volumes up.

Photograph by Bob Croslin for Fortune A suspicious white van is parked meters up the road, not far from the entrance to the U. They are also the lingua franca of messaging apps like Snapchat, whose users watch six billion mostly vertical videos every day — performing, according to the company, up to 9 times better than horizontal ones.

Facebook to buy Oculus for $2 billion

Google moved for the low end with a cardboard-and-plastic device that turns a smartphone into a VR experience. I hate facebook as much as anyone else and I don't have an account, but they are a major player, and this is major money, which means people are taking all of this seriously now.

It now comes as standard with latest Samsung smartphones. I can't wait to start working with the whole team at Oculus to bring this future to the world, and to unlock new worlds for all of us.

Millions are already interacting via text using services like Weibo and the next version will include a Siri-type voice. The move from download to streaming consumption is changing the economics of podcasting, opening up the possibility of higher revenues through targeted advertising and dynamic ad insertion.

Wibbitz is software that automatically produces videos by analysing the text of a story and matching it with a mix of agency stills and video footage.

But publishers may be reluctant to take on another format especially as much of that content will then be hosted on Google servers. Same with the Internet and the mobile phone.

Emojis — effectively emoticons on steroids — have done the same. Cable and satellite operators will also launch or improve their streaming services in — an insurance policy against an app based future.

List of mergers and acquisitions by Facebook

Live and social video Faster networks, better cameras, and easy-to-use apps opened up the market for live streaming apps in Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers.

Ma Bell was so wrapped up in the paradigm of the telegraph—an expensive technology used mostly for business and life-and-death announcements—that for decades it discouraged customers from using the phone for socializing.

The market for paid for video on demand services SVOD is expected to double in the next few years with much of the growth coming from China and India. The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together.

But the biggest growth in consumption will come on mobile devices with greater 4G roll out, upgrades to LTE-advanced bringing 5G-like services and new Wifi standards giving connections of up to 1.

VR rendering requires seven times as much graphics horsepower as p HD rendering. Investors weren't impressed by the deal, sending Facebook FB shares down 0. It's a huge shame that all technology nowadays is going down the same path: The decision on what to show is no longer in the hands of journalists.

Strategist Kevin Anderson says these two players are the major winners in this first round of new media monopoly: Less successfully we predicted that social media would play a significant role in the UK election.

The other change is these new devices will start to be able to connect directly to the internet in rather than being tied to a phone, making applications quicker and generally increasing utility.

News Corp has bought Unruly to drive more socially relevant video for its brands and for advertisers. With some teams, at least, demand for seats far outstrips supply. But it was the integration with Twitter and the ability to summon an audience instantly through notifications that enabled Periscope to see off the competition Meerkat and the rest.

Intel is putting its weight behind VR as a way to help boost PC sales. For example, manufacturing and capital risks will be reduced, and the deal opens the door for more opportunities and partnerships.

More than 60, developer versions of the headset have been sold and dozens of games already support the technology.

Proximity payments should reduce friction further This in itself may not be enough to persuade consumers to change deeply ingrained habits.Facebook said Tuesday that it will buy Oculus VR, maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, for more than $2 librariavagalume.com’s a hefty sum considering that the company has not yet released.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook said it would buy virtual reality company Oculus VR for about $2 billion in cash and stock. Oculus is the Irvine, Calif., maker of the Rift headset.

The company will. The people at Facebook probably know a small fraction about VR compared to the Oculus team, and they're in no position to change the development process there.

What could change is funding (a lot more of it), and priorities, like Oculus focusing more on VR for non-gaming applications. Apr 02,  · Facebook buys Oculus VR Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Hardware' started by kbrickley, Mar 25, Page 3 of 3 2 3.

Facebook Will Buy Oculus VR for $2 Billion, but What Does This Mean for Gaming?

Mar 31, # Krenum [H Whether Facebook ownership ends up hurting VR in general I can't say. If anything, it may drive greater competition, and that tends to be a positive thing. According to a press release issued by PR Newswire, Facebook has today announced that it has agreed to purchase Oculus VR Inc for $2 billion.

In a move that was unknown even to some within Oculus.

Facebook buys oculus vr for 2
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